Rookie developer Struggling with Meta Descriptions / Page Indexing

Hi everyone -

I designed / published this site all by myself. I’m happy with the way that it looks, however, I’m concerned with the SEO, specifically the meta tags & descriptions as well as page indexing through google search console. I don’t know how to interpret / fix the errors that I keep getting notified about from google. Any resources or suggestions would be immensely appreciated.

My read only link: Webflow - Watershed Wealth

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Google is aware of over 100 trillion web pages. The probably have an index of about 1.5 billion. If this is somewhat accurate then you can see that only a small percentage of what is out there is going to make it in the index. Why should Google index your pages and display them in SERPS?

If you want guidance about what you should do to have the best chance of that head over to Google Search Central and read, then follow the best practices and wait.

If other people think your content is worthy of sharing they will and that can help your visibility.

If you want professional help then reach out as I have lots of experience helping businesses reach their potential online. Plus I steelhead fish on the AuSable :slight_smile: .

My site appears at the top of search results consistently - this is not the issue.

I’m confused as to why google is displaying text from my footer in the search results where I have specified title tags and meta descriptions in webflow.

Does this make sense / change your response?

Did you read → Influencing Title Links in Google Search | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google for Developers

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