Google showing wrong SEO

Hi everyone,

For a website I made, I was asked to insert particular SEO titles and descriptions for collections element, so I created 2 text fields in the collection in order to set SEO for each page.

The problem is that when I look for the page on Google I don’t see the correct SEO that I set with my text fields.

Can you help me understand what I’m doing wrong?


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Same for me. Broken. I’ve had it with webflow

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The thing to understand with Google is that its algorythm will display what it thinks benefits the user, not what you want. Sometimes that aligns and sometimes it doesn’t. If you can see the text you entered in code then its there. If it is different in the Google SERPS then Google changed it. This has nothing to do with Webflow.


Adding to @webdev 's advice, it looks as though Google simply has not re-indexed your site yet. Check your Google search console where you submitted it, and you’ll be able to see when it was last crawled.

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well it might be not a Webflow fault but I’ve followed exactly the official Webflow documentation for that, I couldn’t done it differently.
Do you think I can do anything about it?

Thanks for the reply,
I’ve tried to look in the console but I wasn’t sure where to find that information, could you please send me a screenshot of where to get that info? thanks!

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