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Roman Atwood Smile Inc. Website!

Soft launch of the official website for Roman Atwood’s Smile Inc. app game!

Live Site:
The primary goal while designing this site was to make it feel like an extension of the overall experience that the viewer gets from the Smile Inc. app game, so for the landing page I created the overview of a desk - each item on the desk is used as expanded navigation to different sections of the site.

Take a peek, there are some fun interactions hidden throughout the site.
Let me know what you think!


Hi @Chavilah, nice work on the interactions, it did indeed put a smile to my face :slight_smile:

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That is a beautiful piece of work.

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Thank you @cyberdave and @HaBen! It was a lot of fun to create, I love how easy it is to work with interactions in webflow - there are so many possibilities, especially for a light-hearted app/game website like Smile Inc!