New Portfolio Site for Motion Graphics Designer


So I just finished this site for a client - it has taken way longer than it should have but the final product looks great I think.

He is a motion graphics designer based in London and the final link can be found at for those interested.

The design of the site was originally by Riaz (the client) and I implemented it in Webflow. A lot of work went into making the site work across browsers and devices and that turned out well in the end.

There are loads of behind the scenes custom interactions and code and it has taken me ages to get all of this to work properly! (Why I have been asking for help so frequently on the forums recently)

Love to hear your feedback and hope you like it!

Designer link:



@vincent @cyberdave @thesergie love for your feedback/thoughts on this!

VERY cool and interesting. Great job for making something out of the norm.

one thing though. What was the reason for a horizontal scroll?

@PixelGeek thanks man! We tried a number of options and my client decided that was the one to go for. You can check out a mockup of another version here: (it is much older so not as developed), that version was going to have subsidiary pages which would be linked to when the projects were clicked on.

In the end it was decided to just have the horizontal scrolling and a small amount of information for each project.

Glad you like!


@Arthur, such a beautiful site ! I am impressed and just love to look at the beauty you have created… what a great accomplishment :smile: Cheers, Dave

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@cyberdave thanks!! It was a lot of fun to create but took a long time and loads of effort! It’s always great to play with awesome images and Riaz himself has done some amazing work!


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