Right click doesn't work

Hi there,

right click doesn’t work for me on Chrome and it’s super frustrating. I have tried to open the designer on incognito and it doesn’t work too.

How do I access the right click menu without the right click functionality? I am trying to unlink a component and I am stuck…

FYI, first time using Webflow and I find it a bit glitchy, please improve the UI and UX

Hi Alex, welcome to the forums.

I’ve not heard of this issue before, sorry if it sounds patronising but are you certain that it’s just an issue in Webflow? Can you right-click on other sites? Sounds like it might be to do with your operating system settings. Are you on a mac or PC?


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I am also trying to unlink a component, but the right click is showing the browser’s default context menu! I’ve tried it on ubuntu 22.04, macOS big sur, and windows 10, but the webflow’s context menu is not showing. Right click works on other sites, like figma.

it’s super frustrating!!!

Is there another way to unlink a component or “unpack” the component?

I can also confirm “control + click” (im on a mac) does not work for me either.

Are you using a wacom trackpad or something similiar? That’s what I use and only found that the right click only worked when I used the actual mouse so try that :slight_smile:

Right click doesn’t work in the navigation, it only works on the design canvas. Find the component there, and right click should bring up the Webflow context menu fine.

Note for anyone else struggling with right-click- try disabling your browser extensions, they can interfere badly.

I too wish that right-click on navigation would present the item’s context menu instead of the browser’s generic menu. I understand that right-clicking on the item’s title in the page layout will work but visually scanning for the outline and title can be difficult on busy pages. I select an item using the navigation pane. I should be able to access the context menu from here as well. I should never see the browser’s generic menu when using the designer.