Right click STILL doesn't work!

I’m using Safari and Chrome on a Mac running Catalina and right-click just doesn’t work. I see that there are many forum posts about this over the years but no real answers.


Are you talking about right-clicking within the Designer? I don’t have a device running MacOS to test, but does right-clicking just show the default browser context menu instead of the Webflow-specific one?

Thankfully I don’t believe it’s necessary for any function (except maybe converting a div/link block) so you shouldn’t really be missing out on much. Personally I almost never use the right-click menu while working on projects.

Yes, when I right-click in Designer I just get the browser menu instead. I don’t use Webflow a lot but every time I google how to do something (usually with Symbols), it says to use the right-click menu.

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