Weglot RTL alignement

Hi, I’m using Weglot to translate my website but the problem is that some languages are right to left so when I switch to those languages I want to change the alignment of some elements from right to left and turned back when I switch to LTR languages. Can anyone help me! Thanks!

Weglot sets language tags you can access thru css.

This is what I use to solve this issue:
(For e.g arabic)

body:lang(ar) {
    text-align: right;

Thanks for your reply! that solves half of the problem which is text elements. Do you have any idea how to change the position of other elements like an image for example? Thanks again!

You can probably use different floats or flex alignments – lmk if that solves your problem.

you mean in the css code right?

yup! just use the project settings custom code tab

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Thanks! I think that solves it.

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