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Changing the styling of text in rich text CMS is changing the styling of all text

When I go to edit some of the text in the CMS item’s rich text field it is changing the styling for all the text in that rich text field. I have some headings in the rich text field and I’m trying to style them as such (right now they are just bold), but when I select H2 in the CMS editor it is changing every piece of text in the field to H2. How can I apply the changes only to what I’ve highlighted?

Note: I’m talking specifically about the Legal Agreements CMS collection/items.

I dont know exactly what you want, but I presume you want to add classes to parts off the text in the RT blocks?
You can’t do this in Webflow out off the box. So you have to add some custom code from Finsweet.
All info you find on: sweet-text-by-finsweet - Webflow
Hopefully this helps?

I’m just trying to style inside the CMS editor, which I’ve been able to do before. With CMS rich text you can set text as bold, italic, a heading, quotes, etc. But with certain CMS items changing one word to a heading affects all the other text and changes it to a heading.

Hey @christiannc It’s a bit annoying, but basically you just wanna play a bit with enters between texts to make it think it’s a different text. It should work better in the editor instead of the designer.