Rich text field not showing to connect with CMS

Hi There,

My name is Chirag Panchal and right now I am facing issue with rich text box field. I have created custom field from CMS but not sure why I can’t get it to connect with rich text box field from page.

The URL of the page is

Please find an attachments and let me know the solution for that.
Let me know if you have any questions or doubts.


Click the purple dot, that’s the button for data binding.


Hi Michael,

It’s perfect solution for what I want. On time and very fast service. Truly nice.

One last question. I have used collection list in so many sections to update values as per different order but it’s around 8-10 section. so is there any solution so If i changed order to any collection list to 3 or 4 so it will reflect other list globally without change each list manually.

Let me know if you have any question.


Hey Chirag,

You should probably mark my answer above as the solution, so others can find it, this has been a common question lately with the UX change.

If you write up a separate post on your second question, someone in the community can likely answer it. I’m not sure how to interpret it, so screenshots, video, and of course your readonly designer link to the page you’re struggling with are all important.

You are right about that. Ok it’s done.