Can't link to Field in CMS Collection

Hi! I am sure I’m just doing something totally wrong but I can’t seem to connect to a Field in a CMS collection. I have tried with plain and rich text. Images attached.

Thanks for any help you may have for me!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey there,

It looks like your Share Link didn’t post correctly. Can you please repost a Share Link to your site, and specify the page name being used in your example?


Hi, sorry about that. I think I figured it out actually. Just copied and pasted a different Collection List on the same page and edited that one to get it to link to what I needed.

When you add a new Collection List it defaults to 3 new boxes. What if you just want one box instead of 3? Thanks

Hey there

Glad to hear you managed to figure it out! Good work.

Regarding the Collection List defaults - unfortunately you can’t change how many items the default Collection List element will display, as it’s just a reference to show you can display multiple items until you connect one of your Collection Lists to it.

If you want to limit the amount of items that are shown from your connected Collection List, please refer to the following Webflow University article: Limit Collection lists | Webflow University

I hope that helps!


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