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Rich Text Element border color from CMS


I’m trying to change the link color on my articles to get color from CMS-color. My CMS item has Rich Text Element inside and I want to change the link color inside.

I’ve been reading on the forums for almost two hours now and I’ve found people with the same problem, but the solution that worked for them is not working for me.

Could anyone help me out?

And another question, does Webflow offer support in any other way than this forum? I’m in need of help with other problems as well and not getting much answers here on the forum.

Here is my site Read-Only:

You would only be able to do this with custom code. You would set a variable to be equal to the value of the color, then you could add that value (style attribute or class) to an element that is a child of a RTF.

You can open a support ticket for issues related to the service that they support. If you need help with design or custom code you are free to post your issues in the forums or hire talent as needed. Some of us make a living providing our expertise for a fee.

Thanks for your response!

Creating custom code is not anything I’m able to do so maybe I’ll just not add this feature to my site.

Yes, of course I realise I’d have to pay for such support, but thanks for letting me know that Webflow doesn’t offer that service.