Rich Text link color

Is there any way to change the link color inside a rich text element? As it stands, red is what’s pushing through to the published site and I can’t change it.

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I guess your issue is that you wan’t to style Rich Text links linked to dynamic collection right ?
To do this, you have to custom the “all link” like so
Drag a random link text.

Go to All links and style it.

If you actual link is red in rich text it’s probably because you change the all links style.

Take also a look at how to style Rich Text

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You can also take a look at this help article:

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What I’m trying to do is type out a paragraph inside the rich text within a dynamic element, I’m highlighting one word within a paragraph sentence (hopefully changing the color of that one word to blue) and linking that one word to different blog post within the CMS


I’m not sure to get where you are stuck here.
To create a link in the CMS, just highlight a word in your Rich Text and click on the link icon.

In your case, this is where you have to put your different blog post link.
After that if you follow my preview post you ll be able to style your link in blue (Styling the All links)

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