How do I style the email addresses in my CMS rich text field?


I want to change the color and text decoration of the emails in my FAQs which are in a CMS rich text field.

Can I get help on how to do this please?


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Hi, on this image you can see how it’s done here:

Edit : on this project I have a collection for color themes, with a couple of color values. This collection is linked to other posts collections. Color values are used for accents, selections, links, titles, in combination for gradients etc…

The key is to first add a class to the RTE. Then uncheck the ‘get text from’ checkbox. Add a link inside the rich text field, select the link, use the ‘all links’ selector and check the ‘nest selector inside of RTE’. With the way you’ve got things set up, I’d add the RTE to a draft page, that way you can style it without it showing up anywhere. As long as you apply the same class to the RTE you’re showing with the interaction, the link effect will apply to that rich text field as well.

Here’s a screenshot.

@vincent did the poster want a custom solution? Anyway, seems we were both typing at the same time :slight_smile:

I extrapolated a bit much on the question because of a project I’m working on :smiley: I thought this was to bind a CMS color to a RT link, which requires custom code and a CMS variable :smiley:

haha, yeah, seemed a bit overkill :slight_smile: .

@sarahfrison @vincent Thank you! :slight_smile:

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you’re welcome :slight_smile: that’s what we’re here for