Create collection image upload problem "Remote image failed to import"

Recently we have problems with “uploading” images while creating a new collection item via api. We use the following endpoint: with a payload somewhat looking like that

  'teaser' => 'Impfungen – Ein ewiges Thema',
  'name' => 'Impfungen',
  'slug' => 'impfung',
  '_archived' => false,
  '_draft' => false,
  'image' => '',
  'therapie' => '<h2>Lorem Ipsum</h2>',

Now the image attribute is an image field type and we get back from the webflow api

BadRequestError: Request is malformed: Remote image failed to import: Invalid data

But as you can see, the image is available and accessable Its not to large. We have no idea why this does not work, other collection items works perfectly, looking exact the same (with other images and text of course). Its seems to be totally random.

Are there any BETTER guides on what type of image sources are provided? Are there any limitations? Maybe that md5checksum exists already on the server?

In the field type declaration is absolutly nothing written regarding this: Webflow CMS API Reference

I’ve not seen that specific error, but that said…

Here’s the structure for the request I use to successfully create new cms collection items, with new image urls, using an “image” field type:

"image": { "url": ""},

I just did a quick test with your image url and it worked fine on my end.

The success response:

"image": {
	"fileId": "6334aad92e1ef26528bf76ae",
	"url": "",
	"alt": null

The CMS Collection field:

The API docs show you how to create a collection item using the image ref value, if there is no image to reference, try the json structure I’ve mentioned.

Also, as a baseline… make sure to publish your site on cms changes.

Thanks @ChrisDrit for the answer. We have now migrated all calls for type ImageRef to use the json format as you suggested with url. But the problem still persists we got the same response

Request is malformed: Remote image failed to import: Invalid data

What i can say in addition, which maybe makes the problem on server side, is that the same image exists in the WYSIWYG / RichText Content as well. As example:

    "richttext":"<p>Lorem Ipsumm</p><img src=\"\" alt=\"indikation-augenbeschwerden_b427ff58.jpg\" /><p>Lorem Ipsum</p>"
    "image" : {
      "url": ""

ps: the example above is, as you can see, another image compared to my original post, which results in the same webflow api error response :face_with_head_bandage:

I am also having the same issue

Can you go into more detail about your issue?