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Rich Text CMS font color keeps resorting back to black with headings

The h3 and h4 headings in my rich text keeps resorting back the black.

I think I tried everyone solution I can find on the forums.

I unlinked the blog post. Then nested all the h3 and h4 into the rich text class and from there changed the color. But as soon as I linked it back up it will turn black again.

( this did work for the rest of the text)

I tried to make a separate style sheet and add the class no luck.

I recreated the whole rich text section no luck.

This is for the CMS blog post template page.

Thank you everyone!

WHere is my public share link: Webflow - Path To Movement

your h5 heading is producing this style, so you’ll have to edit all h5 headings when nested within the rich text element to your liking.

this is done by unblinking the rte from the content, double-clicking inside and selecting a word in a heading style, you can then reassign the style to h5 and proceed with changing the style in the panel on the right by applying all h5 headings class and then checking the when nested inside button

As for why the headings are inheriting h5 and not other subheading styles, I have no idea (still new to this) and I’d want to hear from someone else.

Edit: nvm; the actual blog content heading styles are assigned under the cms collections > blog posts > new post tab when entering the post body.

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