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Problem in CMS Rich Text Color heading

Hi everyone!! I’m having an issue changing the h4 color inside a rich text box with dynamic content.

My blog has categories and each one of those has an assigned color to it.
I would like that the h4 headings inside that rich text have that color.
How can I do that?

Any advice?

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]
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[1]: [2]:

Someone? Anyone?
Still haven’t been able to solve it.

Which page and where is the heading?

If you’re using a heading that was binded to a collection item, then remember that field is not an HTML element, it’s just a reference field that’s binded to an item on the page. The easiest way to accomplish color changes is to add a color field in your Collection. Let’s say it’s an Authors collection. For each cook, you’ll have a color field for each, one person red, the other blue, and so on.

When you add a heading that’s pulled from a collection, when clicking on the heading, in the styles panel you can see a setting that says “Get color text from”. So you’ll put a color from the color field on that heading. It will give every created block with headings the cook’s respective color (for all).


Watch this tutorial to help a bit more:

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