Help with CMS rich text within blog post templates

I am having major issues with styling rich text elements. I’ve styled my headers and paragraph text however when I switch it back to pull text content from the CMS, it doesn’t apply the styling that I’ve added.

Can someone please explain what I’m doing wrong here?

Here’s a loom to show you what’s happening on my end:

Read link: Webflow - SnapAutos

You need to style each heading you’re using in your content.
In your case you’re using H3’s

I must be lost at because I’m styling all of the different headers and getting a different result for the wide desktop view for example. Am I doing something wrong here? Can you please explain what I’m missing at this point?

I’d just like all headers to be the orange color no matter what screen size, etc.

I see where the confusion is. That static text you’re styling is just random static text. It does not contain every element you would want for styling.
You need to add an H3 first before you can style it.

  • Un-bind your RTE from the CMS
  • Edit that static text to add an H3, and any other elements you want to use in your CMS content
  • Style them
  • Re-bind your RTE to the CMS