[REVIEW] App for creating Freelance Proposals

Seeing as Ran Segall uses and talks a lot about Webflow, I’m surprised that I can’t find a mention of this app/website on the forum, so here is a review.

Prospero. www.goprospero.com
Website was designed in Webflow with the code exported to their developer to save time.

(As a magician, I love this name. It was the name of a Wizard in a Shakespeare play called The Tempest, it also reminds me of being prosperous, which of course is a good thing too!) :smiley:


The Ad Copy: What the website says:
Professional Freelance Proposals In Minutes.
Save time & headaches. Create proposals with a few clicks.

What is actually does.
Exactly that. I thought it was going to be something that you have to hack away at to get right, but it creates a stunning webpage that is fully editable. You simply click the answers from a pre-populated list and it generates the whole document.


You can even create 3 options for your clients to choose from so you can use “Popcorn Pricing” with it too.

In less than 10 minutes I had a fully worded 4 page PDF/web page that the client can electronically sign to accept the proposal.

I sent it off, and it works perfectly.

Pricing in my opinion is superb. $8 per month, or $5 per month annually. So for me in good old rainy Blighty (UK) thats around £43.98 annually according to Siri today, which even if I did just 10 proposals in a year, that works out to under £4.50 each proposal. 21 Day free trial too which I’ve tried.


Pro - Saves a whole amount of time.
Pro - Allows you to easily state what is included in your fee. If you have a scope issue, you can refer back to the contract.
Pro - Notifies you when you the contract is signed

Con - I have to put a con I guess. The cost. You can create a proposal for free if you put the time in.

Take my money. That’s just saved me hours of boring typing.

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


Wow Mark! Thanks so much for writing this!
BTW - all of the UI design for Prospero was done in Webflow, and the landing page is hosted on Webflow as well.


It’s great. So simple to use. Congratulations!
Glad I stumbled across it and your other very useful resources too.

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