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Web Design Proposals

Howdy folks

General question for ya.

When you send clients web design proposal do you use a pre defined template or software such as ‘better proposals’

What are the key elements you use apart from the standard things such as number of pages, prices, features etc.

Just trying to learn from some of you gurus


So a Webflow user made a paid app that does this which seems pretty cool called prospero

I was using docracy for a while. is interesting too as it has both the proposal and contract in one.

Thanks, I saw rans offering with prospero but saw on a recent yt video that he sold the company :frowning: I will have a look at the other one ,sounds good. Thanks again

My latest proposals has been an web page made in …Webflow :grinning:
I don’t have any big clients and I don’t send out that many though.

I start a new project with the clients business name for example. Maybe they already have a logo and a brand color that I use in the header/hero. I make something extra and unique to draw attention, a parallax or an animation or something. After that just my proposal with company presentation, estimate, time frame, delivery, maybe an alternative or extras for the client to choose from and contact info. At the bottom a form if they accept, maybe radio buttons if there are choices they can make.

I also tried this app made in Sweden. Connects with Stripe so you take a downpayment right away in the proposal, pretty nice app. Free to try.

Thanks Jorn. Very flashy building it in webflow ( bet you can’t share?) I did think of that but then soon dismissed it, for some reason…

Appreciate the suggestion, I wish it was free all the time, looking at the costs it’s bit out of my price range, I’m not quite that rich (maybe one day, I’m dreaming)

Thanks again

I can make a copy and translate the headings. I do want work on this a bit so much you can do and add. edit: not that flashy :sweat_smile:

Excellent thank you that would be so helpful to me. Here is a :coffee: or if you prefer a :beer:


I drink both :smiley:

Here you go

As I said I probably want to make this more interactive and nicer.

Thank you Jorn :beers: + :coffee: + :hamburger:

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Thanks, trying to cut down on those burgers though :joy:

:green_salad: instead, sorry don’t want to ruin the diet. Cheers

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Honestly doing a public page in Webflow would create all kinds of legal issues with privacy along with it not being a legally binding way of signing a document. This is just asking for trouble.

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Thanks Dave. Yeah I have thougt about that to. Maybe it isn’t a good approach. I’m seeing it more like a agreement then a legally binding contract. I have made a contract that I’m going to use that both me and client are legally signing. Do you have any tips about this Dave?

I think perhaps using your template as just a proposal with a password protection added to it would get rid of the privacy issue. Then instead of a form to fill out, just link to a docracy or contract. Don’t do any jobs without being under contract, trust me.

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It’s funny, in nine years of freelance web designing, I have never done any more than sent an email with prices and bank details! (Not even as an attachment.) I have never provided a contract either - that’s over 300 websites and never a problem!
I gather it may be different in the States… :slight_smile:

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Really that’s interesting, and based you your experience that is comforting. I was advised that you should always do an official contract, don’t feel so bad now. Can I be rude and ask what information you contain in your email? Thanks

I start off by covering the points we discussed on the phone - so: intentions, the reason for the new site, background etc - and then discuss how I would approach the work - design, cost, hosting, timescales. I also add an offer to meet up (I often don’t!) to discuss the detail.

I never do a ‘sell’, instead I ask lots of questions to get to the bottom of the issue. I’m also not scared of raising negatives - it shows I care about the potential risks.

I seem to have a fairly high success rate once I have spoken to them on the phone. Not saying it’s right for anyone else, but seems to work for me.


Thank you for sharing

I can second AndCo I use it for 90% of my proposals.

Thanks I am looking at a number of solutions. What do you think of this by betterproposals. Is it too much?