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Feedback: Meet Prospero: a free UI kit for ecommerce

Have thoughts on our new UI Kit? Share them in this thread! :wave:

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Love it! Although the feel is a bit too corporate for me. That’s a personal thing of course. But might stop people if they can’t see their own style reflected. I get that you can swap out photos and styles but people only just starting out might not.


Love it – it’s high quality, it’s free, and it’s ready to go. I’m surprised this didn’t get quietly released on the Template marketplace for $149.

I agree fully with @sarahfrison, the style is particular. It seems fitting for a high-end fashion or furniture store, or possibly a subscription candle service. While a Webflow user could take this UI Kit and fully customize the style, I think Webflow should consider offering a few total re-skins of Prospero, releasing it a few times. For instance, a curvy, colorful, playful re-skin could be released under the name Prospero Play. Just one example.

Now that all the core elements of eCommerce have been condensed into this one, convenient, and free template, a few total style variations may increase the likelihood of adoption by people on the fence about using Webflow for eCommerce. You truly can’t turn down free, comprehensive, and offering a range of style options when making that decision.


Thanks for the feedback @sarahfrison and @ctrav.

Chris, I love the idea of offering new “reskins” and variations. We’ll keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

Jump back into the discussion if/when you get a chance to play with the kit!

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