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Hi fellow Webflow experts :wave:

In our agency and freelance no-code work, we’ve noticed a really strong growth in the volume of no-code projects, especially in the past year or so. Luckily, it seems like no-code is definitely becoming an appealing solution to more and more startups, solo founders, but also “traditional” companies.

Being that the first generation of makers is already out there, with many of us starting agency businesses or working as freelancers, we wanted to create a freelance platform dedicated specifically to no-code and put our skills and expertise in front of as many clients as possible. With a lot of awesome learning communities around, there seems to be a gap when it comes to finding a good amount of no-code project work in a single place - I am sure many of you are over the chaotic search for the few no-code jobs on Freelancer and Upwork. On top of that, the upfront bidding process on such platforms makes sustainable and rewarding work a pretty hard thing to pull off - and that should not be the case!

Personally, I have been obsessed with marketplaces for years so this was a perfect opportunity for myself and the team to create something we truly care about.

On Codemap, you can find (only) new no-code projects, get client requests, send proposals, and get hired. NO bidding, NO “connect” or whatever kind of fees for freelancers or agencies. Also, no need to manage RFPs via email, you can speak to and manage multiple clients within your own dashboard. So, pretty much an end-to-end marketplace.

It would be awesome to have you check out and sign up if you are interested in finding no-code work or are looking for experts.

Our current product roadmap includes quite a lot of new and helpful features - it would be really great to hear your initial feedback on the app but also what you would like to see come next.

Thanks all and cheers! Hope you’ll like the platform :wink:

Goran, I have just been doing a lot of learning with Webflow and its a tool to bring your design idea to life.
From looking at your website the main focus seems on building website for lowest cost in shortest time.
To me this is not the best approach to get customers or good quality builders.
The hardest part is not building a website but designing a website. You make no mention of it, I would say push this on and right up the agenda to emphasise more time spent on design rather than tedium of code.
Up until the last couple of weeks I have realised that some tiny snippets of code are required to make the website comply to new best practice. HTML and CSS, not Java.
I also don’t like the idea of connecting up my website to many third parties unless absolutely necessary.

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Thanks for the feedback. I definitely agree with what you are saying and we are redesigning the landing page. The whole quicker/ cheaper talk is not specifically our idea, it is a general value proposition of no-code itself. But it does give the wrong impression since we accept only vetted experts to our platform. It was meant more for a certain part of the audience, specifically startups and SMEs who can now, with no-code, finally afford to build their MVP or application without going bankrupt. But as for Webflow, I completely agree, hence the redisign of our landing page.


And just a quick update:

I wanted to thank all of you who signed up to our marketplace, the response in the first 48 hours was absolutely amazing. Tons of signups from both freelancers/ agencies and clients, which clearly shows that there is an increasing demand for no-code services, and of course, how strong the no-code community is :muscle::muscle::muscle:

I will keep you updated on major developments, and in the meanwhile feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on the app (we are redesigning the landing page) - your feedback is, of course, invaluable to us but also helps us create the product that the whole community finds useful and benefits from.

Thanks again and cheers! :v:

Thanks for reading, I enjoy improving things, most people don’t and rarely do people have the thought sight to understand my improvements I suggest let alone act upon them.
Thanks for commenting.

If you would like to do more formal discussions then I am up for it. Send me a PM.

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Goran: I had to kick you off my no-code marketplace platform ( because you or your team member were trying to steal clients away. Seems like your company is arbitraging other sources clients and reselling them to your freelancers. Not good, bro.

If you are a no-code expert and you want to get to clients directly and not have a platform take a fee/cut of your pay, then start with Workload. We pay weekly (no minimum), and we don’t take a % of your hard earned pay. We also source our own customers instead of stealing them from other platforms.

Hi Bryan,

Goran brought your post to my attention earlier today so I wanted to address it myself.
I am not sure you are fully aware of the contents of your post, but these are some serious accusations - also, entirely untrue. A couple of key points I would like to convey:

  • We’ve had an account on Workload for a while, looking to find new agency work, just as we have on dozens of other platforms, but have honestly been confused by the inner workings of the platform and which account type we’ve even had; additionally, it didn’t seem like a good fit nor did it seem like there were frequent opportunities, but that’s really besides the point

  • We learn about project opportunities from PUBLIC sources, in various ways - therefore, the only thing that could have happened is data being fed to us automatically because some of the keywords on your PUBLIC job listings site might have matched - I can understand if this is a concern for you, and while the practice is not in any way prohibited (by law or otherwise) because there are 1000s of businesses using web-search methods from PUBLIC sources (I believe this is universally-accepted and falls under general knowledge in 2020), we have now blocked your site specifically, even though we never proactively “targeted” it in any way in the first place

  • We have never acquired any client from any (including much bigger and busier) platforms in any way and by any means that would imply unfair or unethical business practice - it seems like you are suggesting we aren’t allowed to reply to someone looking for experts in a Facebook group because they posted their request on Facebook; we know exactly who our clients are and where they come from because we actually onboard them ourselves - and there are none from Workload, not even the ones that may have come to check Codemap out due to what I was explaining above - rest assured that’s the case; so no, we are not “stealing” your clients and never have - we are actually very happy with clients that we have and the ones joining Codemap continuously, with many new no-code & automation projects published daily, many hires made on a weekly basis, and with tremendous amounts of positive and constructive feedback we are getting from our users

Given the not-so-subtle advertising attempt in the 2nd paragraph of your post, I am starting to think the aim of your message was to find a way to try and discredit the competition, which you obviously don’t seem to like. That’s okay if you don’t, but we are working very hard to grow our community and bring true value to both our clients and experts, and will not stand for any untrue accusations like the ones you are making to potentially benefit your own company. I would have otherwise taken this as “he just doesn’t like Codemap” type of thing and brushed it off but this needed to be said. I also believe you should think before you write something like this in the future and slander someone unjustifiably. If you wished to talk or wanted to get clarifications on anything, there were different means and manners of communication.

P.S. We don’t charge any commissions or fees to experts & agencies on our platform


@bryangolk your Terms of Service appear to be incomplete.

I’m sure if you post on Codemap, you’ll be able to find a freelancer who can help you complete your site.

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Hi all,

A quick update on - the past week has been absolutely insane for us.

We hit a major milestone and accomplished the following:

  • redesigned the platform
  • reached our first 1.000 users
  • reached our 100th job post
  • introduced no-code to Croatia with a presentation on Codemap held in Zagreb Innovation Center
  • got interviewed and featured in 10+ biggest Croatian newspapers and news portals

Thank you all so much for the continuous feedback and support and I hope you like our new look!