Reverse proxy for webflow

The CMS hosting doesn’t allow static page hosting. That is I can’t have serve a json or text file.

Our DNS has a CNAME for www to proxy-ssl dot webflow dot com. So I deleted that and pointed an A record for www to my server’s ip.

I setup a reverse proxy in golang to that same address and use it for everything except that one static file. But it doesn’t work. Every hit thru the proxy is a 404 this way.

What am I missing?

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You’ll find a number of well-written reverse proxy guides in the forums here if you search. I couldn’t guess what’s happening with your custom setup.

Did you try a 301 redirect for your required file URL?
In many cases I simply host files on Netlify or even Google Drive, and redirect to them.

Your approach is overly complex.

Simply add some custom JS code to your page and fetch custom JSON or TEXT for display to your screen.

Custom reverse proxies can be difficult to configure and maintain. I’ve set up several proxies for Webflow sites in my time, and every site usually has slightly different requirements.

This is exactly why I started building Subfold which is a reverse proxy for Webflow