Partial hosting and Reverse Proxy Server

Hi everyone, so I’m hosting my site on webflow
But i want to host a readable toml file which i cant do on webflow, so I’m a bit stuck in creating Reverse proxy server that would host tge link to the toml file but would be visible when users type it with my webflow domain link

@Emmanuel_Evarist Take a look at my account. I posted several videos how you can upload the website to github and from there you can upload ANY config file you want.

Are you using special software like Soax to create this reverse proxy server? I’ve never created a reverse proxy for my website. I always need a proxy server to visit banned websites or pirate stores in my area because it protects my computer from leaking personal information. But a reverse proxy server is something I don’t understand. The current proxy you use cannot give you enough information to work with toml, am I right? Could you explain it to me so I can understand? I wonder how I can use the reverse proxy server in my future work. I’m sure this thing could be useful to me in the future. Please send a link to your site so I can see how the webflow domain works.

I think what y’all want is more control. Not for all Webflow users a reverse proxy is applicable because it adds complexicty for no-coders. Take a look at this video @Emmanuel_Evarist @CarolMoors where you can easily control your Webflow Site more: