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Reverse proxies & "built with webflow" branding

I have a site with a paid hosting plan. the page works as expected, no webflow branding.

But for various reasons I need to reverse proxy this through our main app, so it shows up on our main domain (

When I load the page through the reverse proxy, the webflow branding shows up. Is this expected?

I suspect it is related to this bit of code you run:

if (/\.webflow\.io$/i.test(publishedDomain) && location.hostname !== publishedDomain) { doBranding = true; }

Hi @ecwilson, thanks for getting in touch. Yes, this is expected behavior.

Currently, if a custom domain is used with a Webflow site, a hosting subscription is needed on the site with the custom domain setup to point the domain at Webflow servers: From your description, it sounds like you have that part setup.

External proxy or redirects are currently not supported.

One possible option to try, is to setup a CNAME record on the site to be something like Then in your reverse proxy, redirect all traffic on the apex (naked) domain and the www subdomain to route to

For more info and help with domains, feel free to contact to

Thank you. So to confirm, it should work if I do the following:

  1. Set up hosting on webflow with proper cname for
  2. Configure my reverse proxy, which serves from, to serve content from
  3. The webflow badge should no longer show

Is that right?

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