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Webflow project mapped to an external domain's path with reverse proxy

Is there a way to run a Webflow hosted project (say, “splash”) in an external domain in a path such as under “”? Note that “” is a SaaS platform and we only want to host the static content with Webflow.

I’ve tried the following, unsuccessfully:
1 - Setup external with CNAME to
2 - Publish the Webflow project to and
3a - Setup nginx reverse proxy with proxy_pass to location “/splash”
3b - Setup nginx reverse proxy with proxy_pass to location “/splash”

With 3a I get a 502 server error and with 3b the following error:
“Fastly error: unknown domain: Please check that this domain has been added to a service.”

There are two somewhat similar questions but I couldn’t really apply them in my scenario:

Many thanks in advance!

Hey @martti

I think this thread includes a solution for you: Partial site hosting with reverse proxy (tl;dr, you need to make sure to modify the host header in nginx when you do the proxy pass)

One thing to note, proxying a webflow subdomain is not supported and will display webflow branding on the site. If you add a custom domain and reverse proxy that you will not see any branding.

Let me know if you have any other questions!