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Reverse proxy and webflow branding


I have a site ( which I have set up rewrites using blitz.js (blitz.config.js).
I have webflow set up to be hosted on in cloudflare which the rewrite code is pointing to (see images below). The actual rewrite works fine, but I still get the “made in webflow” branding.

This is the solution described, and I can’t find any other way around it as the majority of the questions asked either go ignored or link to this post.

I know that you don’t technically support reverse proxying, but I can’t use subdomains. So it is probably either get this working or leave webflow.

I would also ideally not want to have to set up a whole nginx server for this.

Help is appreciated.

Does this work as a simple redirect? Because the source code of is not the same as

Hey @Paul_Rodriguez should be the same as , I was originally rewriting it from, but from the ticket linked above I found I couldn’t do that, and the code that changes the rewrite just hasn’t made it to production yet.