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Built with Webflow Badge is still showing up due to reverse proxy setup

Hi guys,

I have this page I built with webflow where I disabled the Built with Webflow badge (I have CMS hosting)

But when I request the page from my website‘s url, you guys display the built with webflow badge:

I haven‘t exported the code, we just reverse proxy the url into the webflow url.

Can someone help me remove it?
It‘s not like I don‘t like webflow, I LOVE it, but I can‘t have a big badge in every project I create.

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

Hey @frankexplores

It looks like you are pointing an external proxy to the domain, which will cause the Webflow badge to show up on your site.


  1. Add to your site settings in Webflow as a custom domain
  2. Add a subdomain within your registrar of:
  3. Update the DNS settings for that domain to have a CNAME of ->
  4. Publish to that domain
  5. Internally, where you have the reverse proxy going to, update that to instead proxy to

Or you can instead setup your custom domain with the directions we provide here to your site hosted on Webflow (much simpler than the above configuration). :wink:

Thanks so much, man.
Super helpful!!!


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