Reverse multi-reference fields?

I keep getting excited about the multi-reference and then realizing that I don’t think it is capable of some really basic stuff. Can someone tell me if you can do a reverse of the multi-reference field? I’ll explain what I’m trying to accomplish…

I have a list of state legislation, and each bill has a number of provisions that could relate to clean energy, water quality, stormwater regulation, etc. These provisions are multi-reference fields. In the bill page, I can list the multi-reference, but I would love to be able to then have a way for my user to click on the provision, be taken to the provision page, and see all the bills that relate to that provision.

Is this possible and I just can’t figure it out? Or no? Seems like it would be pretty basic in terms of letting the user explore these multi-reference categories.


(also multi-reference within category lists for the homepage OMG PLEASE :slight_smile: )

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Did you ever solve this?

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I’m also looking for a solution to this

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I also want a solution to this!

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Anything? Beuller? Beuller? Beuller? I could use some help here.

I think I’ve almost done it. If you hit that switch button next to the direction buttons in Flex-Box then it will reverse the order. The only issue is it’s not great at scrolling now… any thoughts?

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 12.06.06 AM

Note You have to do this on the LIST object for it to reverse the order of your collection items.

Go to my members template page to see this
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