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Retrieving Form Submissions

Say I setup a webhook for my “Email form”. How can I retrieve the form submission from the webhook?

Read over the docs and the js sdk, but can’t find it.

Hi there @BenevTech ! there are a couple of ways, but the non-code way is to use Zapier.

I recommend to re-watch the Workshop video where Bryant showed how to do this:

Does this help ?

Thanks for the @cyberdave. I’m interested in the code way. Did the video talk about how to retrieve a form submission based on a webhook using the API? I’m hoping for some documentation.

Hi @BenevTech, yes, it was discussed also at 34:10.

@brryant, would it be possible to share the sample code from the video at 34:10 that showed the Webhook stuff?


@cyberdave thanks. What I think you are telling me is that the form data is included in the webhook. I couldn’t tell if the form data was included, or if it just had a reference to the form entry.

Hi @BenevTech, thanks, I will check on it and get back :slight_smile: I am sure there will be more info on the webhooks coming, probably some tutorial also :slight_smile:

Yes, the formdata itself is included in the body of the request we send to your server.

I will make a note to myself to update the webhook docs to make sure it documents what the contents of the request will be, thanks for the heads up!

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I would really love to see this documentation updated as well. I am assuming I can puzzle it out based on a test form submission to a test webhook destination, but it sure would be nice if I didn’t have to reverse engineer that :\ Thanks!

I was looking through the API docs and thought the same thing. It appears that the webhook just returns metadata and not the form body.

Also, it looks like filter parameter can sort by the form name. In the webflow admin, Add Webhook can only select form submission in general, not specific forms. Is it possible to make trigger type an individual form?

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Is there any update on this?