Is there an api for form data?

I used webhook which return form data after submitting
“name”: “Email Form”,
“site”: “6311xxx”,
“data”: {
“Name”: “ase”,
“Email”: “”,
“Message”: “form2”
“d”: “2022-09-04T23:07:32.064Z”,
“_id”: “6312xxxx”

How can I get/delete form data by _id?
I cannot find it in the api document Webflow CMS API Reference

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @brisbane2 :wave: welcome to the forum.

Form data is not saved to the CMS (a database) so there is no ID for you to find and delete.

If you submit native Webflow forms as-is, the form submission is capture in your Webflow project settings (under the “Forms” tab I believe).

If you bypass that and use a Webhook, then where ever you’ve submitted the form data will capture the submission.

Here’s a screencast walking through it with Webflow:

Here’s a tutorial walking through native Webflow form submits into a Google Sheet:

They’ll give you a good overview.