How to send form data through an API endpoint?

I’m trying to send form data outside of Webflow, maybe using Webhooks.

That’s easy to do.
Setup your end point webhook, and then put that URL in your Webflow Form’s action field.

If you want a success message to display after, use this-

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Your idea of using Webhooks is a good choice, but there are some other options to explore, first.

But at a high level, the simplest approach is to use a glue service like Zapier or Make (Integromat).


If you are using a glue service like Make (Integromat) or Zapier, they have their own modules that will capture your Webflow form submissions outside of Webflow.

Make (Integromat) has an ample free tier, is super powerful, but is less newbie friendly. Zapier gets really expensive - fast, is less powerful, but much more newbie friendly.

Then you can do anything you like with those captured form submissions.


Using Webhooks takes it to the next level of awesome.

Here are some examples…

A step-by-step screencast walking through sending native Webflow forms into Make (Integromat):

Using those form submissions to then add them into your Webflow CMS with Zapier:

Learning those basics above then empowers you to do more advanced things like:

If you’d like more information about how to use Webhooks with Webflow, along with an actionable example of using them with Airtable:

…and then when you’re ready to capitalize on the super powers that Webflow Webhooks provide, you can use my free tool to set them up without all the technical headaches:

Hope that helps!