Retina display and breakpoints issues

hi guys! I have a issue in my webflow project.

I use 2 main monitors: my build- in 16 inch mac book pro display with default resolution in 1728x117 and a 27 inch display the M27Q gibabyte with 2560x1440.

when enter in full screen mode some elements change radically but both width and scale are in the same amount.

I understand that is a problem with the retina display resolution but I fell lost. What is the best practice to launch a responsive web site without problems in other devices?

continue to use my macbook monitor as reference or use the 27 as default because this is a most popular screen size than retina?

and if I use this aprouch, when someone enter in a retina display the site will display messy?

print with the project in both monitors

print with the resolution screens
Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 18.26.27
Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 18.26.40

Here is my site Read-only: