Web layout is bigger in different screen

Hello, I’m new to Webflow and I’ve created a portfolio website. I’m having trouble adapting my site to different screen resolutions. I designed it on my main monitor, which is 2560x1440, so my base breakpoint is set to that resolution. However, when I view it on my secondary monitor (1920x1080), everything looks larger—text, layouts, everything. When I zoom out to 75% in the browser, it looks as it should. I’m not sure how to fix this issue. Can anyone help?

Here is my site Read-Only:(Webflow - Benitocreatives)
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It sounds like you monitors’ displays are set up differently.

You can style for larger breakpoints as shown below. I see that you’ve only design up to the base breakpoint (1279).
Note, if you create larger breakpoints, the styling cascades upward from the base. Similar but reversed from the smaller breakpoints which cascade downward from the base breakpoint.

Hello Port_of_Folio and apreciate the quick answer.

Exactly, even if my 2 monitors have different displays it shouldnt be a problem. My consern is that my website isnt responsive at all.
Is there any way to fix this to be adaptable to any sorts of pc resolution screens?
I’ve tryed playing with em, rem and % with typography and divs but still nothing solves the problem.

Can you give me a specific instance where you’re stuck, regarding the responsive design? It’s tough to know what your proficiency is with Webflow and if I’d be mentioning things that you already know. Do you need to know how to make things stack better?

Looking at the homepage I can see that you’ve applied styling to some elements at the different breakpoints. This is the crux of responsive design for each screen type. The styling can be done using different measurement types like vw, percentage, px, em, etc. and that depends on your personal approach.

Yeah, as you mentioned the measurements where set on pixels so I changed it to VW on some text and layouts.
This way it started to be responsive on all types of PC screen resolution. :smiley:

Thanks Port_of: Folio for replaying to this issue, Appreciate it!