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Design for large screens on 15" monitor

Hi ! i am designing my portfolio right now on my 15’’ macbook pro.
I don’t know what’s the size of my screen but when I preview my website on Webflow it says 1680px.
Problem is that I can only design it in 1440, 1404, 1920 or mobile devices but not on my laptop size.
And everytime I preview it, the design is messy and not functionnal. Could someone help me please !

hi @falsego

  1. screen resolution is in your System information: About this mac → Graphics/displays => Resolution.

  2. in designer next to viewports icons there are dimensions where you can specify your viewport size in% so for example when I set on Air (resolution 1440) 59.2% this is equal 2400px. Changing % value will automatically change px value for you and vice versa.

Even that this manual manipulation can help to create design for large screens nothing beat external monitor you can plug to your laptop. At these day are good 27"+ monitors relatively cheap.