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Is there a way that we can block customers in the US from buying a specific product with Webflow?


I am part owner of an online furniture company and we are currently operating out of a warehouse in Canada. We would like to expand that into the US and put products in a warehouse over there. However we have one concern:

When we run out of a specific product in the US warehouse, is there a way that we can block customers in the US from buying that product with Webflow? We don’t want to block Canadians, just Americans from purchasing the specific product that is out of stock in the US warehouse.

I hope that makes sense. Would love to know if anyone has a solution to this or if they know of a workaround. It would be great help!



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Hey Janine!

I personally don’t do anything (yet) with Webflow eCommerce. But a quick search of the forums brought me to this article.

That may help you out :slight_smile:

Hi Tyler!

Thanks for the quick response.

I took a look at what you sent but it’s not totally clear to me how I can prevent Americans from purchasing a specific item if it runs out at the American warehouse, yet simultaneously continue selling that product for Canadians. It’s not really an issue about the shipping method, rather the capability of blocking Americans from being able to purchase a specific product if it runs out in the American warehouse. Hope that makes sense!


Yeah, once I read over that article, I kinda got the same impression. Unfortunately, I think I am gonna have to leave this one up to someone else. I don’t have enough experience with Webflow eCommerce to give the right explaination.

Sorry! @Drew_Schafer any help you can give?

Hey @janinedesigns Great question.

Unfortunately, there is no way to block one product from being purchased based on region.

You may be able to accomplish something with Custom Code in the checkout, where they receive a notification if a product is out of stock and their address is in the US, and then disable the checkout button.

Alternatively you could also create two products, a US Warehouse version and a Canadian one.

Hi Drew,

Thanks for the response.

The thing is if I disable the checkout button, won’t it be disabled for Canadians as well?

For the second option, if I create a Canadian and American option for each product I’m afraid that some Americans might take advantage of the Canadian price which has free shipping and a lower price since it will be in Canadian dollars.

Would the third alternative be to create two separate websites (one Canadian and one American)? I would prefer not having two separate websites due to cost and SEO. Or is there another alternative you can think of?

I hope that made sense. Thanks again for your help!


One option might be to get customers to select their region when they visit the website. You can then add custom code to disable purchase of the out of stock item prior to the checkout page.

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You could get the custom code to disable based on country selection.

At the end of the day, your only non-custom code option is two sites.

As @Gail_Ranger mentioned there are other options as well with custom code work flows. Things like selecting a country and then saving that as a variable throughout the session to display certain products or not to.

Hopefully that helps. :grin:

If I were to have visitors select their country would that mean I could use the same website? Or would I then have to have two different websites?

Thanks again for all your help!

Yes, correct you could use the same website.

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Thank you! I will let you know if I have any other questions.