Shipping availability and price for different zip codes

Hello everyone!
We’re a small local business trying to move our website to a Webflow platform.
Since we’re only working arouond NYC, i’ve been trying to figure out how to limit delivery zone to specified zip codes and set prices for them…
I looked it up on this forum, and it looks like it’s only possible with a Foxy cart only, which makes the procees more difficult anfd expensive (basically using whole Ffoxy cart as a zip code filter).
Wondered why Webflow team still didn’t add this feature, which makes a whole platform inapropriate for small local businesses with deliveries. I’ve seen many people been askin about this problem, and even Wix has solutions for that…
Did anyone meet problem like that, and know how to solve it?

Hi @Marina.
Josh from Foxy here. Just wanted to confirm that for most use cases, Foxy + Webflow is less expensive than Webflow Ecommerce alone.

Depending on your needs, setup should be pretty straightforward and we’re here to help every step of the way.


Wow this was 2 years ago… I don’t think they plan to add zipcodes ever at this point. darn