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Responsive Text Box and Icons (CMS)

Hi everyone,
I am trying to have the following text box in which each element (Heading) (summary) etc is binding to the CMS. The goal is to have the same exact same details whenever I publish a post in the editor.

the first question is that how can I have the following Icons: (the folder icon and the duration icon) and the play button on each post?
Do I need to add an image category field for each icon in the CMS and every time that I want to make a new post to upload that icon as well?

My main issue is positioning the design.

The text starts to move out of my control with a slight change in the browser size which is driving me mad.

What is the best way you suggest to have a locked format (Same height - same width) but maybe just scale the main text box in different break points without the positions changes.

When the positions changes everything gets messy play button, those folder and duration icon fly around.

your help is greatly appreciated.

To have the folder and duration icon in each item, simply add them once in the designer - there is no need to have them in the collection list itself.
In regards to the layout issues, it is difficult to judge without a read-only link.