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Need some design help: Interaction issues and text field issues


I need some design help with the following:

  1. I made a CMS dummy Blog and I want the image to change based on the cms list i click. I’m not sure how to approach this.

  2. Another issue I’m having is the The text field where the text appears at the middle and not at the top in the corner.

  3. it also doesn’t make a new line when it reaches the end of the box

Here is my Read only link: (

Here is my Published link:

Hi @Iby looks like that read only link is broken, could you generate a new one and edit your post? Thanks!

Hi I just updated the link sorry about that. Do the links break if i make changes to a website?

@Iby for the input, the issue is that you want to use a text area, instead of a text field. Here is a screenshot showing this element: , and a screenshot showing how the text area looks: (I know it’s confusing since the designer says “text field” for both, but you can see the true element type by looking in the settings on the right)

For the image, you’re going to need to place that image element inside the collection list. Once you do that and have the styling correct, you can then choose to display the image based on the currently selected blog post

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@justin_c Yeah the Text area and the Text field really got me confused. i also finally got the image working like you said and it works great. I wanted it to hide when i select a different post but overlapping is fine too. Thanks for taking the time and for all the help i really appreciate it.

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