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Generating additional elements based on content added in CMS

Hi everyone,
So I’m creating a blog page in which there are some interactive elements within the articles. The content of this page needs to be filled in by the end users via the CMS, but I’m having difficulties figuring out how to implement certain elements to make it work.

To give an example of what I’m trying to achieve here are some screenshots of another website that gives a good impression of my goal:

The paragraph has an icon which indicates the button

On mouse hover the text that’s connected to the icon is highlighted

Clicking the highlighted text or icon opens a hidden block of text with some text and a link

Making this in general is easy in Webflow, but when other people need to be able to create articles from the CMS all this custom stuff won’t work, at least I haven’t figured out how.
My question to everyone is how can I setup a my page so that I can achieve what is shown in the example with the Webflow CMS? I imagine some custom code will be needed.