Symbols different on different pages

New to Webflow so probably messed this up but I’ve spent the past few hours trying to understand just why my Symbols look different on different pages - I thought they should look the same on each page? An example is the top of this page:

Note the position of the small home / search / phone icons on the homepage (which are a symbol). Now click ‘About Us’ and note how they are different to the Homepage?

I’m confused!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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That’s because in your Symbol - Home Link - has 16px right margin. And it is under the current pseudo-state. If you go to your about page, and select Home link - just add 16px right margin. That should fix it.

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Awesome! Many thanks for the fast response, all happy :smile:

I have similar issues with other symbols so this gives me the ammo to tackle those now.

Thanks buddy.