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Symbol Responsive in every page

I have a symbol (CTA and footer) in every pages. The problem is, every time I set up the position of those symbol (let’s say home - mobile page), it also change the position in about us - mobile/tab page. I am so frustated because I don’t want that to affect other pages position since the length of every pages is different :sob:

So I can’t get the things on both pages right, if I set home right, the about us pages is screwed. Can someone help me how to manage this? Thank you so much, really appreciate your help.
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Hello Ana,

So if you want to make changes to a symbol on certain pages without affecting the other pages, you can right click and unlink the instance of that symbol. The only thing is you will have to manually update those elements. Another solution would be to create a symbol that belongs only to those certain pages. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need further assistance.