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Responsive interaction issue

I have trouble transfer the interaction to responsive-without destroying what I have made for desktop

is there any way to control interaction like in layout classes

Interactions can be disabled for certain breakpoints. You can copy your interaction, modify it to look good on a certain breakpoint and use it on that breakpoint while disabling it for desktop, at the same time disabling your desktop interaction for smaller breakpoints.

is there any video or tut to explain that , I just can disable it not modify it , please is there any way to modify interaction i dont no how ? I need little help here

No, you cannot modify interaction. But you can create different interactions for different breakpoints and enable them only on those breakpoints where necessary.

How I can do that ? is there any tutorial in this case

In the interaction settings there is a “trigger settings” section at the bottom. You can turn your interaction on and off on different breakpoints there.