Interactions applied differently across breakpoints

Hi webflow fam- got an issue trying to replicate this interaction across different breakpoints. I know there’s a way to trigger an interaction on certain devices, but I can’t seem to tweak an interaction across desktop, tablet, or mobile breakpoints. The issue is- that if I tweak the interaction on the mobile breakpoint, then it’ll update for all the breakpoints.

As you’ll see, i’m trying to reveal and hide my headshot on the desktop view, but on tablet (portrait) it doesn’t work. On mobile, I had to disable the interaction because I couldn’t find a way to edit it (for mobile) without it affecting all the breakpoints.

Here is my public share link:

AS far as I know interactions are currently global and you cannot adjust based on breakpoints. I hate it as well. What you have to do as a workaround is duplicate the elements and show/hide them on each device and apply the changed interaction to each.

I’m dreading having to do this!