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How do I make custom interactions for larger breakpoints?

Hi !

So I’m pretty new to webflow and don’t know much about web design or code.

I made a little on click move interaction, but since, I have added larger breakpoints (as the website always looked “too small” on larger screens) and now the interaction on the 1920px is skewed.

I know that you can set interactions to show on certain devices only, however, this doesn’t include the larger screens separately but only the default desktop.

So now my question is: How do I make an interaction just for larger breakpoints and “turn off” the main interaction on those breakpoints?

Hey Jessica,

You might find your answer in that link.

Unfortunately it looks like Webflow have condensed the larger screen sizes in to one so it might not be the best solution for you.

I have tried to explain it as best I can below:

If you set up an interaction, so click the element you want to add the interaction too (this works for both page interactions and element interactions). Go to interactions - select click - then scroll towards the bottom of the right hand section settings editor - you should see a section that says trigger settings - here you can select the screen size you want the interaction to work on - create a new interaction for different screen sizes.

good luck :slight_smile: