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Multiple Responsive Interactions

I have desktop interactions that do not work properly on mobile. I want a different version of the same interaction for that element on the mobile version but I cannot change the interaction for that element on mobile without it changing it on Desktop. I have attempted to apply it to classes but I am getting the same result.

ex. An image on the desktop version moves downward while scrolling. The interaction moves too far down on mobile. Adjusting the position outside of the interaction panel is the only workaround I have and it’s not working great.

There is no coherent documentation on different interactions depending on breakpoints (reusing interactions video is unhelpful).

Is there a missing feature or am I missing something??

It is not possible to edit interaction behaviour for different breakpoints. Your best bet is to create a couple of similar interactions for different breakpoints and then limit these interactions to start only on those breakpoints (with the visibility setting at the bottom of the interaction settings).