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Responsive Heading

Is there any way to configure an H1 to be responsive? Right now it seems I have to build two H1 elements and hide one when on Phone - Portrait so that the font-size can be smaller. It feels like I’m doing something wrong. It seems to me there is probably a way to configure the font-size to be smaller in Phone - Portrait via a media query.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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can you post the actual share link not just the . Without seeing it in your other media queries, tablet phone mode ect you can change the size of the font, but to do that you need to give the heading a class unless you want it to apply the same to all H1 headings in which case you can do that as well.

I’m sorry, I thought that was the link that was supposed to go there. I apologize for my ignorance; I’m brand new here. What is the share link supposed to be and how do I get it for you?

no problem, we all were new here once and because webflow keeps growing. It’s always a learning experience. Go to site settings at the top you will see an link next to the designer tab

click share and it will give you a link to copy
and paste here

Thanks a lot! I’ve updated the share link in the original post.

ok awesome, so if you want to be able to change all H1 headings click on the h1,

click the + sign

select all H1 headings.

if you want to just change specific h1 headings then you can give them a specific class name

than toggle through

and change the individual settings in each of the query sizes. I recommend using em’s instead of px for font size and and line height. It is more responsive

hope that helps


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