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H Tags not responding to break points but body text tags are


So I’m noticing that on my site, the H1 tags are not resizing at breakpoints the way body text resizes at breakpoints. Is this normal?? Shouldn’t all text be responding to the resize?


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Hi @ikydstudio Try giving your H1 a smaller font size in the smaller breakpoints. It doesn’t happen automatically.

Unless you use VW for your font size units.

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Hi PixelGeek! I was just watching one of your videos where it recommends using em’s for fonts sizes. Is it ok to use vw?

thanks for watching :slight_smile: Yes. you can try using VW and see how it works for you

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I’m a newbie here so figuring webflow out, one more thing: The pagebreak guidelines in the dashboard, they’re just a guide? I guess what I’m getting at: Will there be version of webflow where the page elements can be resized according to the pagebreaks? Thank you for your responses & videos!!

if you’re talking about “the fold” then just know that there is no such thing anymore.

If you want something that is 100% of the viewport height, you can use 100vh

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Ah, i’m sorry, I’m not using the correct terms here. What I mean is: In Mobile Portrait 479px, my page layout will still work, but when I get to about 375px things start to look cramped. Can I resize things for 375px in the dashboard or do I have to use media query codes for the smaller mobile portrait sizes?

ahh, ok i figured out how to put in media queries through the custom css code area. :slight_smile: cool!

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