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Can I make H1 (or body) classes responsive?

Hi all,

I’m trying to set the ‘All H1s’ class to change the text size on different responsive sizes.

Whenever I select that class it pushes me back to the desktop view. If I then, after selecting the 'All H1’s class and I change to say, mobile view, it then pushes me to edit another class.

Does this mean I can’t set responsive sizes for H1 and body?

(I saw this thread but the solution is not working for me - Responsive Heading

Any ideas?

You could try changing the font size unit. Check this out:

Try to use incognito mode. Sound like weird behavior. In general select “all h1” set the font size to 32. Tables - 29…mobile - 22 and so on. Works fine.

Incognito worked, thanks!

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