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Responsive hero and Heading text


i’m a newbie to webflow.
is there a way to insert a heading over a responsive image hero so that both scale down depending on what device the site is being shown on.


The responsive image is on the page named “retail”

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I tend to use a DIV with a background image via the Settings sidebar tab.
You’ll need to do all of the image stuff on the Style sidebar tab (Sizing: Cover, background-position: Center, no-repeat, etc.).
Unfortunately, you’ll need to setup the sizing of the DIV to hold your image in an acceptable size at all breakpoints. Just toy around with it. Let us know how it goes.

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I’ve was able to finally make the hero image responsive but now i’m having trouble putting text over the hero image that will scale down automatically for each device the page is viewed on. Any ideas?

This is the part where exploring the possibilities within webflow is the best plan of attack, I think.
It will get you more familiar with the platform and all of the various controls. That’s my current direction, anyhoo.
Sizing text inside an responsive background DIV can be difficult especially when it’s for a client.
Please let me know what worked for you and share it with the peoplez.

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