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Responsive Footer Issues

Hey guys–

I know this might seem like an easy question to most of you, but still new to this whole thing and needed some help with responsiveness on mobile in particular.

Desktop and tablet turned out fine, but for some reason I can’t pin point the issues I’m having with the footers on the mobile. A fresh perspective would be much appreciated. Thanks again for the help.


Might want to try display: inline-block, then adjusting your Top setting for ‘Footer, Footer Mobile’. Here’s a screenshot of what I did to collapse the top space.

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You’re a legend!

That helped quite a bit. However, now on one of the other pages – the What We Offer page on mobile in particular creates a ton of extra space above the footer now. Any ideas how to fix this dude?! Thanks again for the patience.


I think if you look at “Top”, you have “858px”. You’ll want to reduce that to something like 140px.

Also, noticed there’s a lot of declarations like that in the layout. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that, but it makes it harder to manage changes and responsiveness in the future. Ideally, I think you’d want the HTML to just fall into place and stack up like lego blocks.

Recently I’ve changed from using the pre-built blocks (like sections, containers, columns) since I prefer more control and flexibility. I put together a quick sample which sets a class of divs into rows and columns.

Now you can place as many rows of content you’d like (same for any number of nested columns) just copy/paste or add another div with the row/column class. You can switch up padding/margin and styles if you’d like by adding a combo class. By doing this, all your content blocks should fall into place and you shouldn’t have to set any exact positioning.

Anyways, hope that helps out! Good luck!

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